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LOINC Concept Narrativo

10154-3: Chief complaint Narrative - Reported

10155-0: History of allergies, reported

10156-8: History of Childhood diseases Narrative

10157-6: History of family member diseases Narrative

10158-4: History of Functional status Narrative

10159-2: History of Industrial exposure Narrative

10160-0: History of Medication use Narrative

10161-8: History of Occupational exposure Narrative

10162-6: History of pregnancies Narrative

10164-2: History of Present illness Narrative

10165-9: Deprecated History of psychiatric symptoms and diseases Narrative

10166-7: History of Social function Narrative

10167-5: History of Surgical procedures Narrative

10168-3: History of Cardiovascular system disorders Narrative

10169-1: History of Ear disorders Narrative

10170-9: History of Endocrine system disorders Narrative

10171-7: History of Eyes disorders Narrative

10172-5: History of Hematologic system disorders Narrative

10173-3: History of Musculoskeletal system disorders Narrative

10174-1: History of Nose disorders Narrative

10175-8: History of Oral cavity disorders Narrative

10176-6: History of Reproductive system disorders Narrative

10177-4: History of Respiratory system disorders Narrative

10178-2: History of Skin disorders Narrative

10179-0: History of Throat and Neck disorders Narrative

10181-6: History of Urinary tract disorders Narrative

10182-4: History of Travel Narrative

10183-2: Hospital discharge medications Narrative

10184-0: Hospital discharge physical findings Narrative

10185-7: Hospital discharge procedures Narrative

10186-5: Identifying information Narrative Observed

10187-3: Review of systems Narrative - Reported

10188-1: Review of systems overview Narrative - Reported

10190-7: Mental status Narrative

10191-5: Physical findings of Abdomen Narrative

10192-3: Physical findings of Back Narrative

10193-1: Physical findings of Breasts Narrative

10194-9: Physical findings of Neurologic deep tendon reflexes Narrative

10195-6: Physical findings of Ear Narrative

10196-4: Physical findings of Extremities Narrative

10197-2: Physical findings of Eye Narrative

10198-0: Physical findings of Genitourinary tract Narrative

10199-8: Physical findings of Head Narrative

10200-4: Physical findings of Heart Narrative

10201-2: Physical findings of Mouth and Throat and Teeth Narrative

10202-0: Physical findings of Nervous system Narrative

10203-8: Physical findings of Nose Narrative

10204-6: Physical findings of Pelvis Narrative

10205-3: Physical findings of Rectum Narrative

10206-1: Physical findings of Skin Narrative

10207-9: Physical findings of Thorax and Lungs Narrative

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LOINC Version: 2.68