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LOINC Concept Conjunto

15511-9: Ambulance transport, Origination site information Set

15512-7: Ambulance transport, Destination site information Set

15513-5: Ambulance transport, Reason for scheduled trip Set

18584-3: Body weight at ambulance transport Set

18594-2: Psychiatric service attachment

18605-6: Medication current Set

18610-6: Medication administered Set

18617-1: Medication discharge Set

18631-2: Deprecated Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment plan, Diagnosis addressed by plan Set

18632-0: Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment plan, Author of treatment plan Set

18639-5: Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment plan, Date range (from/through) described by plan Set

18642-9: Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment plan, Date range (from/through) Set

18651-0: Psychiatric rehabilitation treatment plan, Medication administered Set

18664-3: Rehabilitation treatment plan, Follow-up approach Set

18670-0: Rehabilitation treatment plan, Date of next planned rehabilitation treatment Set

18674-2: Alcohol-substance abuse rehabilitation treatment plan, longest period of sobriety for abused substance (composite)

18677-5: Deprecated Service claims attachment

18679-1: ED claims attachment (composite)

18682-5: Ambulance records

18684-1: First Blood pressure Set

18686-6: First Respiration rate Set

18688-2: First Body temperature Set

18690-8: First Body weight Set

18693-2: ED consultant practitioner Set

18698-1: ED clinical finding (composite)

18699-9: ED practitioner Set

18703-9: ED diagnostic procedure results Set

18704-7: ED referring practitioner Set

18708-8: First Heart rate Set

18710-4: Primary practitioner Set

18716-1: Allergy studies (set)

18717-9: Blood bank studies (set)

18718-7: Cell marker studies (set)

18719-5: Chemistry studies (set)

18720-3: Coagulation studies (set)

18721-1: Therapeutic drug monitoring studies (set)

18722-9: Fertility studies (set)

18723-7: Hematology studies (set)

18724-5: HLA studies (set)

18725-2: Microbiology studies (set)

18726-0: Radiology studies (set)

18727-8: Serology studies (set)

18728-6: Toxicology studies (set)

18729-4: Urinalysis studies (set)

18767-4: Blood gas studies (set)

18768-2: Cell counts+Differential studies (set)

18769-0: Microbial susceptibility tests Set

18823-5: Alcohol and/or substance abuse service attachment

18824-3: Cardiac service attachment

18825-0: Medical social services attachment

18826-8: Occupational therapy service attachment

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LOINC Version: 2.68