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FHIR Repository Search

_content Search on the entire content of the resource
_filter This is the formal declaration for the _filter parameter, documented at [http://hl7.org/fhir/search_filter.html](http://hl7.org/fhir/search_filter.html)
_id Logical id of this artifact
_lastUpdated When the resource version last changed on given date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
_profile Profiles this resource claims to conform to
_query A custom search profile that describes a specific defined query operation
_security Security Labels applied to this resource
_source Identifies where the resource comes from
_tag Tags applied to this resource
active Whether the practitioner record is active
address ): A server defined search that may match any of the string fields in the Address, including line, city, district, state, country, postalCode, and/or text
address-city ): A city specified in an address
address-country ): A country specified in an address
address-postalcode ): A postalCode specified in an address
address-state ): A state specified in an address
address-use ): A use code specified in an address
communication One of the languages that the practitioner can communicate with
email ): A value in an email contact
family ): A portion of the family name
gender ): Gender of the practitioner
given ): A portion of the given name
identifier A practitioner's Identifier
name A server defined search that may match any of the string fields in the HumanName, including family, give, prefix, suffix, suffix, and/or text
phone ): A value in a phone contact
phonetic ): A portion of either family or given name using some kind of phonetic matching algorithm
telecom ): The value in any kind of contact
_text Search on the narrative of the resource

Text Search for these words in the narrative. See [[http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms142571.aspx]] for details
First Record (empty = start at the start)
# Records to return (default value, which is also max allowed, is 1000. Values of <2 not allowed)
Sort By
Summary: Return just a summary for each resource (if applicable)