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Resource "improvement-notation" Version "1" (ValueSet)


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DEQM Improvement Notation Value Set

Improvement notation for a measure (e.g. increase or decrease).

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ValueSet xmlns="http://hl7.org/fhir">
  <id value="improvement-notation"/>
    <versionId value="1"/>
    <lastUpdated value="2018-09-06T12:44:33.375Z"/>
    <status value="generated"/>
    <div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
      <h2>DEQM Improvement Notation Value Set</h2>
        <p>Improvement notation for a measure (e.g. increase or decrease).</p> </div>
      <p>This value set includes codes from the following code systems:</p>
        <li>Include all codes defined in
          <a href="CodeSystem-improvement-notation.html">
  <url value="http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-deqm/STU3/ValueSet/improvement-notation"/>
    <system value="urn:ietf:rfc:3986"/>
    <value value="urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.0"/>
  <version value="0.1.0"/>
  <name value="improvement-notation"/>
  <title value="DEQM Improvement Notation Value Set"/>
  <status value="draft"/>
  <experimental value="false"/>
  <date value="2018-08-13T23:59:31+00:00"/>
  <publisher value="Davinci Project"/>
  <description value="Improvement notation for a measure (e.g. increase or decrease)."/>
      <system value="urn:iso:std:iso:3166"/>
      <code value="US"/>
      <display value="United States of America"/>
  <immutable value="true"/>
      <system value="http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-deqm/STU3/CodeSystem/improvement-notation"/>