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FHIR Repository Search

_content Search on the entire content of the resource
_id Logical id of this artifact
_lastUpdated When the resource version last changed on given date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
_profile Profiles this resource claims to conform to
_query A custom search profile that describes a specific defined query operation
_security Security Labels applied to this resource
_tag Tags applied to this resource
_text Search on the narrative of the resource
date The implementation guide publication date on given date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
dependency Where to find dependency
description The description of the implementation guide
experimental For testing purposes, not real usage
jurisdiction Intended jurisdiction for the implementation guide
name Computationally friendly name of the implementation guide
publisher Name of the publisher of the implementation guide
status The current status of the implementation guide
url The uri that identifies the implementation guide
version The business version of the implementation guide
resource (--None-- / Account / ActivityDefinition / AdverseEvent / AllergyIntolerance / Appointment / AppointmentResponse / AuditEvent / Basic / Binary / BodySite / Bundle / CapabilityStatement / CarePlan / CareTeam / ChargeItem / Claim / ClaimResponse / ClinicalImpression / CodeSystem / Communication / CommunicationRequest / CompartmentDefinition / Composition / ConceptMap / Condition / Consent / Contract / Coverage / DataElement / DetectedIssue / Device / DeviceComponent / DeviceMetric / DeviceRequest / DeviceUseStatement / DiagnosticReport / DocumentManifest / DocumentReference / EligibilityRequest / EligibilityResponse / Encounter / Endpoint / EnrollmentRequest / EnrollmentResponse / EpisodeOfCare / ExpansionProfile / ExplanationOfBenefit / FamilyMemberHistory / Flag / Goal / GraphDefinition / Group / GuidanceResponse / HealthcareService / ImagingManifest / ImagingStudy / Immunization / ImmunizationRecommendation / ImplementationGuide / Library / Linkage / List / Location / Measure / MeasureReport / Media / Medication / MedicationAdministration / MedicationDispense / MedicationRequest / MedicationStatement / MessageDefinition / MessageHeader / NamingSystem / NutritionOrder / Observation / OperationDefinition / OperationOutcome / Organization / Parameters / Patient / PaymentNotice / PaymentReconciliation / Person / PlanDefinition / Practitioner / PractitionerRole / Procedure / ProcedureRequest / ProcessRequest / ProcessResponse / Provenance / Questionnaire / QuestionnaireResponse / ReferralRequest / RelatedPerson / RequestGroup / ResearchStudy / ResearchSubject / RiskAssessment / Schedule / SearchParameter / Sequence / ServiceDefinition / Slot / Specimen / StructureDefinition / StructureMap / Subscription / Substance / SupplyDelivery / SupplyRequest / Task / TestReport / TestScript / ValueSet / VisionPrescription / Custom):
_content Search on the entire content of the resource
_id Logical id of this artifact
_lastUpdated (exact) When the resource version last changed
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
_profile Profiles this resource claims to conform to
_query A custom search profile that describes a specific defined query operation
_security Security Labels applied to this resource
_tag Tags applied to this resource
_text Search on the narrative of the resource
balance How much is in account?
identifier Account number
name Human-readable label
owner Who is responsible?
patient What is account tied to?
period (exact) Transaction window
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
status active | inactive | entered-in-error
subject What is account tied to?
type E.g. patient, expense, depreciation
composed-of What resource is being referenced
date (exact) The activity definition publication date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
depends-on What resource is being referenced
derived-from What resource is being referenced
description The description of the activity definition
effective (exact) The time during which the activity definition is intended to be in use
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
jurisdiction Intended jurisdiction for the activity definition
predecessor What resource is being referenced
publisher Name of the publisher of the activity definition
successor What resource is being referenced
title The human-friendly name of the activity definition
topic Topics associated with the module
url The uri that identifies the activity definition
version The business version of the activity definition
category AE | PAE An adverse event is an event that caused harm to a patient, an adverse reaction is a something that is a subject-specific event that is a result of an exposure to a medication, food, device or environmental substance, a potential adverse event is something that occurred and that could have caused harm to a patient but did not
location Location where adverse event occurred
reaction Adverse Reaction Events linked to exposure to substance
recorder Who recorded the adverse event
seriousness Mild | Moderate | Severe
study AdverseEvent.study
substance Refers to the specific entity that caused the adverse event
asserter Source of the information about the allergy
clinical-status active | inactive | resolved
code Code that identifies the allergy or intolerance
criticality low | high | unable-to-assess
last-date (exact) Date(/time) of last known occurrence of a reaction
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
manifestation Clinical symptoms/signs associated with the Event
onset (exact) Date(/time) when manifestations showed
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
route How the subject was exposed to the substance
severity mild | moderate | severe (of event as a whole)
verification-status unconfirmed | confirmed | refuted | entered-in-error
actor Any one of the individuals participating in the appointment
appointment-type The style of appointment or patient that has been booked in the slot (not service type)
incomingreferral The ReferralRequest provided as information to allocate to the Encounter
part-status The Participation status of the subject, or other participant on the appointment. Can be used to locate participants that have not responded to meeting requests.
practitioner One of the individuals of the appointment is this practitioner
service-type The specific service that is to be performed during this appointment
appointment The appointment that the response is attached to
action Type of action performed during the event
address Identifier for the network access point of the user device
agent Direct reference to resource
agent-name Human-meaningful name for the agent
agent-role Agent role in the event
altid Alternative User id e.g. authentication
entity Specific instance of resource
entity-id Specific instance of object
entity-name Descriptor for entity
entity-role What role the entity played
entity-type Type of entity involved
outcome Whether the event succeeded or failed
policy Policy that authorized event
site Logical source location within the enterprise
source The identity of source detecting the event
subtype More specific type/id for the event
user Unique identifier for the user
author Who created
created (exact) When created
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
contenttype MimeType of the binary content
composition The first resource in the bundle, if the bundle type is "document" - this is a composition, and this parameter provides access to searches its contents
message The first resource in the bundle, if the bundle type is "message" - this is a message header, and this parameter provides access to search its contents
event Event code in a capability statement
fhirversion The version of FHIR
format formats supported (xml | json | ttl | mime type)
guide Implementation guides supported
mode Mode - restful (server/client) or messaging (sender/receiver)
resource Name of a resource mentioned in a capability statement
resource-profile A profile id invoked in a capability statement
security-service OAuth | SMART-on-FHIR | NTLM | Basic | Kerberos | Certificates
software Part of a the name of a software application
supported-profile Profiles for use cases supported
activity-code Detail type of activity
activity-date (exact) Specified date occurs within period specified by CarePlan.activity.timingSchedule
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
activity-reference Activity details defined in specific resource
based-on Fulfills care plan
care-team Who's involved in plan?
condition Health issues this plan addresses
context Created in context of
definition Protocol or definition
encounter Created in context of
goal Desired outcome of plan
intent proposal | plan | order | option
part-of Part of referenced CarePlan
performer Matches if the practitioner is listed as a performer in any of the "simple" activities. (For performers of the detailed activities, chain through the activitydetail search parameter.)
replaces CarePlan replaced by this CarePlan
participant Who is involved
account Account to place this charge
entered-date (exact) Date the charge item was entered
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
enterer Individual who was entering
factor-override Factor overriding the associated rules
occurrence (exact) When the charged service was applied
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
participant-actor Individual who was performing
participant-role What type of performance was done
performing-organization Organization providing the charged sevice
price-override Price overriding the associated rules
quantity Quantity of which the charge item has been serviced
requesting-organization Organization requesting the charged service
service Which rendered service is being charged?
facility Facility responsible for the goods and services
insurer The target payor/insurer for the Claim
organization The reference to the providing organization
payee The party receiving any payment for the Claim
priority Processing priority requested
provider Provider responsible for the Claim
use The kind of financial resource
disposition The contents of the disposition message
payment-date (exact) The expected paymentDate
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
request The claim reference
request-provider The Provider of the claim
assessor The clinician performing the assessment
finding-code What was found
finding-ref What was found
investigation Record of a specific investigation
previous Reference to last assessment
problem Relevant impressions of patient state
content-mode not-present | example | fragment | complete
language A language in which a designation is provided
system The system for any codes defined by this code system (same as 'url')
medium A channel of communication
received (exact) When received
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
recipient Message recipient
sender Message sender
sent (exact) When sent
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
authored (exact) When request transitioned to being actionable
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
group-identifier Composite request this is part of
requester Individual making the request
attester Who attested the composition
class Categorization of Composition
confidentiality As defined by affinity domain
entry A reference to data that supports this section
related-id Target of the relationship
related-ref Target of the relationship
section Classification of section (recommended)
dependson Reference to property mapping depends on
other Canonical URL for other concept map
product Reference to property mapping depends on
source-code Identifies element being mapped
source-system Code System (if value set crosses code systems)
source-uri Identifies the source of the concepts which are being mapped
target Provides context to the mappings
target-code Code that identifies the target element
target-system System of the target (if necessary)
target-uri Provides context to the mappings
abatement-age Abatement as age or age range
abatement-boolean Abatement boolean (boolean is true or non-boolean values are present)
abatement-date (exact) Date-related abatements (dateTime and period)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
abatement-string Abatement as a string
asserted-date (exact) Date record was believed accurate
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
body-site Anatomical location, if relevant
evidence Manifestation/symptom
evidence-detail Supporting information found elsewhere
onset-age Onsets as age or age range
onset-date (exact) Date related onsets (dateTime and Period)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
onset-info Onsets as a string
stage Simple summary (disease specific)
consentor Who is agreeing to the policy and exceptions
data The actual data reference
purpose Context of activities for which the agreement is made
securitylabel Security Labels that define affected resources
authority The authority of the contract
domain The domain of the contract
issued (exact) The date/time the contract was issued
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
signer Contract Signatory Party
term-topic The identity of the topic of the contract terms
beneficiary Covered party
dependent Dependent number
group Group identifier
payor The identity of the insurer or party paying for services
plan A plan or policy identifier
policy-holder Reference to the policyholder
sequence Sequence number
subclass Sub-class identifier
subgroup Sub-group identifier
subplan Sub-plan identifier
subscriber Reference to the subscriber
objectClass Matches on the 11179-objectClass extension value
objectClassProperty Matches on the 11179-objectClassProperty extension value
stringency The stringency of the data element definition
implicated Problem resource
device-name A server defined search that may match any of the string fields in the Device.udi.name or Device.type.coding.display or Device.type.text
manufacturer The manufacturer of the device
model The model of the device
udi-carrier UDI Barcode (RFID or other technology) string either in HRF format or AIDC format converted to base64 string.
udi-di The udi Device Identifier (DI)
parent The parent DeviceComponent resource
authored-on (exact) When the request transitioned to being actionable
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
device Reference to resource that is being requested/ordered
event-date (exact) When service should occur
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
priorrequest Request takes the place of referenced completed or terminated requests
diagnosis A coded diagnosis on the report
image A reference to the image source.
result Link to an atomic result (observation resource)
specimen The specimen details
content-ref Contents of this set of documents
authenticator Who/what authenticated the document
custodian Organization which maintains the document
indexed (exact) When this document reference was created
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
relatesto Target of the relationship
relation replaces | transforms | signs | appends
relationship Combination of relation and relatesTo
setting Additional details about where the content was created (e.g. clinical specialty)
request-organization The EligibilityRequest organization
episodeofcare Episode(s) of care that this encounter should be recorded against
length Length of encounter in days
location-period (exact) Time period during which the patient was present at the location
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
participant-type Role of participant in encounter
reason Reason the encounter takes place (code)
service-provider The custodian organization of this Encounter record
special-arrangement Wheelchair, translator, stretcher, etc.
connection-type Protocol/Profile/Standard to be used with this endpoint connection
payload-type The type of content that may be used at this endpoint (e.g. XDS Discharge summaries)
care-manager Care manager/care co-ordinator for the patient
claim The reference to the claim
coverage The plan under which the claim was adjudicated
gender A search by a gender code of a family member
start-date (exact) When goal pursuit begins
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
target-date (exact) Reach goal on or before
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
start Type of resource at which the graph starts
actual Descriptive or actual
characteristic Kind of characteristic
characteristic-value A composite of both characteristic and value
exclude Group includes or excludes
member Reference to the group member
value Value held by characteristic
active The Healthcare Service is currently marked as active
endpoint Technical endpoints providing access to services operated for the location
programname One of the Program Names serviced by this HealthcareService
authoring-time (exact) Time of the ImagingManifest (or a DICOM Key Object Selection which it represents) authoring
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
imaging-study ImagingStudy resource selected in the ImagingManifest (or a DICOM Key Object Selection which it represents)
selected-study Study selected in the ImagingManifest (or a DICOM Key Object Selection which it represents)
accession The accession identifier for the study
basedon The order for the image
bodysite The body site studied
dicom-class The type of the instance
modality The modality of the series
series The identifier of the series of images
started (exact) When the study was started
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
uid The instance unique identifier
dose-sequence Dose number within series
lot-number Vaccine Lot Number
notgiven Administrations which were not given
reaction-date (exact) When reaction started
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
reason-not-given Explanation of reason vaccination was not administered
vaccine-code Vaccine Product Administered
dose-number Recommended dose number
information Patient observations supporting recommendation
support Past immunizations supporting recommendation
target-disease Disease to be immunized against
vaccine-type Vaccine recommendation applies to
dependency Where to find dependency
experimental For testing purposes, not real usage
item Matches on any item in the Linkage
empty-reason Why list is empty
notes The annotation - text content
address-city A city specified in an address
address-country A country specified in an address
address-postalcode A postal code specified in an address
address-state A state specified in an address
address-use A use code specified in an address
near The coordinates expressed as [latitude]:[longitude] (using the WGS84 datum, see notes) to find locations near to (servers may search using a square rather than a circle for efficiency) Requires the near-distance parameter to be provided also
near-distance A distance quantity to limit the near search to locations within a specific distance Requires the near parameter to also be included
operational-status Searches for locations (typically bed/room) that have an operational status (e.g. contaminated, housekeeping)
partof A location of which this location is a part
operator The person who generated the image
view Imaging view, e.g. Lateral or Antero-posterior
container E.g. box, vial, blister-pack
form powder | tablets | capsule +
ingredient The product contained
ingredient-code The product contained
over-the-counter True if medication does not require a prescription
package-item The item in the package
package-item-code The item in the package
effective-time (exact) Date administration happened (or did not happen)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
medication Return administrations of this medication resource
not-given Administrations that were not made
prescription The identity of a prescription to list administrations from
reason-given Reasons for administering the medication
destination Return dispenses that should be sent to a specific destination
receiver The identity of a receiver to list dispenses for
responsibleparty Return dispenses with the specified responsible party
whenhandedover (exact) Returns dispenses handed over on this date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
whenprepared (exact) Returns dispenses prepared on this date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
authoredon (exact) Return prescriptions written on this date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
intended-dispenser Returns prescriptions intended to be dispensed by this Organization
focus A resource that is a permitted focus of the message
destination-uri Actual destination address or id
response-id Id of original message
responsible Final responsibility for event
timestamp (exact) Time that the message was sent
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
contact Name of an individual to contact
id-type oid | uuid | uri | other
kind codesystem | identifier | root
replaced-by Use this instead
telecom Contact details for individual or organization
additive Type of module component to add to the feeding
datetime (exact) Return nutrition orders requested on this date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
formula Type of enteral or infant formula
oraldiet Type of diet that can be consumed orally (i.e., take via the mouth).
supplement Type of supplement product requested
code-value-concept Code and coded value parameter pair
code-value-date Code and date/time value parameter pair
code-value-quantity Code and quantity value parameter pair
code-value-string Code and string value parameter pair
combo-code The code of the observation type or component type
combo-code-value-concept Code and coded value parameter pair, including in components
combo-code-value-quantity Code and quantity value parameter pair, including in components
combo-data-absent-reason The reason why the expected value in the element Observation.value[x] or Observation.component.value[x] is missing.
combo-value-concept The value or component value of the observation, if the value is a CodeableConcept
combo-value-quantity The value or component value of the observation, if the value is a Quantity, or a SampledData (just search on the bounds of the values in sampled data)
component-code The component code of the observation type
component-code-value-concept Component code and component coded value parameter pair
component-code-value-quantity Component code and component quantity value parameter pair
component-data-absent-reason The reason why the expected value in the element Observation.component.value[x] is missing.
component-value-concept The value of the component observation, if the value is a CodeableConcept
component-value-quantity The value of the component observation, if the value is a Quantity, or a SampledData (just search on the bounds of the values in sampled data)
data-absent-reason The reason why the expected value in the element Observation.value[x] is missing.
dna-variant search for extension http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/observation-geneticsDNASequenceVariantName
gene-dnavariant search for extension http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/observation-geneticsDNAVariantId
gene-identifier search for extension http://hl7.org/fhir/StructureDefinition/observation-geneticsGene
method The method used for the observation
related Related Observations - search on related-type and related-target together
related-target Resource that is related to this one
related-type has-member | derived-from | sequel-to | replaces | qualified-by | interfered-by
value-concept The value of the observation, if the value is a CodeableConcept
value-date (exact) The value of the observation, if the value is a date or period of time
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
value-quantity The value of the observation, if the value is a Quantity, or a SampledData (just search on the bounds of the values in sampled data)
value-string The value of the observation, if the value is a string, and also searches in CodeableConcept.text
base Marks this as a profile of the base
instance Invoke on an instance?
param-profile Profile on the type
phonetic A portion of the organization's name using some kind of phonetic matching algorithm
animal-breed The breed for animal patients
animal-species The species for animal patients
birthdate (exact) The patient's date of birth
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
death-date (exact) The date of death has been provided and satisfies this search value
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
deceased This patient has been marked as deceased, or as a death date entered
email A value in an email contact
family A portion of the family name of the patient
general-practitioner Patient's nominated general practitioner, not the organization that manages the record
given A portion of the given name of the patient
link All patients linked to the given patient
phone A value in a phone contact
payment-status The type of payment notice
response The ClaimResponse
statusdate (exact) The date of the payment action
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
relatedperson The Person links to this RelatedPerson
communication One of the languages that the practitioner can communicate with
role The practitioner can perform this role at for the organization
specialty The practitioner has this specialty at an organization
performer-type Performer role
requisition Composite Request ID
end (exact) End time with inclusive boundary, if not ongoing
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
entity-ref Identity of entity
recorded (exact) When the activity was recorded / updated
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
signature-type Indication of the reason the entity signed the object(s)
questionnaire The questionnaire the answers are provided for
occurrence-date (exact) When the service(s) requested in the referral should occur
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
keyword Used to search for the study
principalinvestigator The individual responsible for the study
protocol Steps followed in executing study
sponsor Organization responsible for the study
individual Who is part of study
probability Likelihood of specified outcome
risk Likelihood of specified outcome as a qualitative value
component Defines how the part works
chromosome Chromosome number of the reference sequence
coordinate Search parameter for region of the reference DNA sequence string. This will refer to part of a locus or part of a gene where search region will be represented in 1-based system. Since the coordinateSystem can either be 0-based or 1-based, this search query will include the result of both coordinateSystem that contains the equivalent segment of the gene or whole genome sequence. For example, a search for sequence can be represented as `coordinate=1$lt345$gt123`, this means it will search for the Sequence resource on chromosome 1 and with position >123 and <345, where in 1-based system resource, all strings within region 1:124-344 will be revealed, while in 0-based system resource, all strings within region 1:123-344 will be revealed. You may want to check detail about 0-based v.s. 1-based above.
schedule The Schedule Resource that we are seeking a slot within
slot-type The type of appointments that can be booked into the slot
collected (exact) The date the specimen was collected
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
collector Who collected the specimen
container-id The unique identifier associated with the specimen container
abstract Whether the structure is abstract
base-path Path that identifies the base element
context-type resource | datatype | extension
derivation specialization | constraint - How relates to base definition
ext-context Where the extension can be used in instances
path A path that is constrained in the profile
valueset A vocabulary binding reference
add-tag A tag to be added to the resource matching the criteria
criteria The search rules used to determine when to send a notification
payload The mime-type of the notification payload
container-identifier Identifier of the package/container
expiry (exact) Expiry date of package or container of substance
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
substance-reference A component of the substance
supplier Dispenser
business-status Search by business status
modified (exact) Search by last modification date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
tester The name of the testing organization
testscript The test script executed to produce this report
testscript-capability TestScript required and validated capability
expansion Uniquely identifies this expansion
reference A code system included or excluded in the value set or an imported value set
datewritten (exact) Return prescriptions written on this date
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
prescriber Who authorizes the vision product
mothersMaidenName Search based on Patient mother's Maiden Name
birthOrderBoolean Search based on Patient's birth order (boolean or integer)
age Search based on Patient's age
familymemberhistorycondition Search for a history of a particular condition within a patient's family

Text Search for these words in the narrative. See [[http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms142571.aspx]] for details
First Record (empty = start at the start)
# Records to return (default value, which is also max allowed, is 1000. Values of <2 not allowed)
Sort By
Summary: Return just a summary for each resource (if applicable)