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FHIR Repository Search

_content Search on the entire content of the resource
_id Logical id of this artifact
_lastUpdated When the resource version last changed on given date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
_profile Profiles this resource claims to conform to
_query A custom search profile that describes a specific defined query operation
_security Security Labels applied to this resource
_tag Tags applied to this resource
_text Search on the narrative of the resource
code A code for the data element (server may choose to do subsumption)
context A use context assigned to the data element
date The data element publication date on given date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(before) (before given date)
(after) (after given date)
description Text search in the description of the data element. This corresponds to the definition of the first DataElement.element.
identifier The identifier of the data element
name Name of the data element
objectClass Matches on the 11179-objectClass extension value
objectClassProperty Matches on the 11179-objectClassProperty extension value
publisher Name of the publisher of the data element
status The current status of the data element
stringency The stringency of the data element definition
url The official URL for the data element
version The version identifier of the data element

Text Search for these words in the narrative. See [[http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms142571.aspx]] for details
First Record (empty = start at the start)
# Records to return (default value, which is also max allowed, is 1000. Values of <2 not allowed)
Sort By
Summary: Return just a summary for each resource (if applicable)