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Health Intersections FHIR Server

Welcome ANONYMOUS (Unknown) (or use Secure API)

This is an implementation of the RESTful FHIR specification found at http://hl7.org/fhir. This server has a baseURL (see the FHIR specification) of "http://test.fhir.org/r2". This server defines some extensions to the API, and also offers Terminology Services or (or you can browse SNOMED-CT or LOINC directly) . If you login through OAuth, you can also Register a client or get your bearer token (use this to get access to the secure API without needing OAuth login in the application).

GDPR-Disclosure: All access to this server is logged as AuditEvent Resources, and these store your ip address (and logged in user, if one exists). Also, your IP address is logged with Google Analytics for building geomaps of server usage. Your continued use of the API constitutes agreement to these terms. See [link] for erasure requests.

System Operations:

This server hosts the following resource types:

Type# storedOperationsType# storedOperations

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Content can be a resource or a zip file collection of resources and atom feeds (xml or json).

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